What’s Available at Nature’s Way


Mary's favorite place at Nature's Way

Come solo or with up to 6 people. Stay from one night to two weeks. Nature’s Way provides a naturally tranquil setting from which to focus within. You may prefer time alone or combine quiet personal time with inner work with Cheryl in session, workshop or class.
Silent retreat is available. Sanctuary describes Nature’s Way.
Call 843.466.0764 to craft your retreat time on the waterfront at Nature’s Way.


Retreat House and Grounds
The furnished retreat home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen, and a great room that is stocked with materials for SoulCollage®and art. One of the bedrooms is a suite, with a private room for quiet and creative time. The spacious deck includes a hammock for the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Great Room Retreat House at Nature's Way

The view from the retreat home and deck reminds us of the beauty of all nature, including ourselves. The vista is comprised of acres of beautiful salt marsh with McCalley Creek and hundreds of water birds. Wildlife is plentiful, including dolphins. Ancient live oaks and Normans sculpture bless the grounds. There is a dock on the tidal creek, outdoor shower and fire ring. Benches and portable chairs are available for the sit spot you are drawn to. The spirited sky will stop you in your tracks! The retreat is ashram style, requires cleaning and linen laundry prior to departure. Housekeeping is available by Claudia for an additional fee.

The studio is a 20’ x 24’ open space room with a view of beautiful McCalley Creek salt marsh and all it’s wildlife. The studio sits next to the retreat home. Some of many amenities: a 8’ x 3’ rolling table, four large and two small folding tables, comfortable sanctuary chairs, backjacks, a sound system, SoulCollage® and art supplies.
Call 843.466.0764 to include the Studio with your small group retreat time.


Cheryl in Session

Each individual session usually lasts three hours and you may receive up to two sessions per day. People commonly come and stay in the retreat house and have a number of sessions, creating an immersion into transforming what is in the way of living true to self.
One-on-one transformation immersion days (two 3-hour sessions per day) are a unique way of Cheryl’s work. Most people who are drawn to sessions with Cheryl have spent a great deal of energy, often over a long period of time, in therapeutic arenas to free themselves of what is not serving their life such as effects of trauma, addiction, anxiety, depression, and relationship discord.
In a Transformation session, you and Cheryl sit together and you begin by verbalizing the discord you are aware of. From there, you and Cheryl track to the root of the discord: initially this is often outside of your awareness. Then on your behalf, Cheryl connects with the energy that is the source of all life, and observes the transformation. Nature, which some folks call Source, Spirit, or the Divine… does the transforming and Cheryl observes the transformation on your behalf. The
transformations continue in this way for the duration of the session. Rates vary
according to number of sessions per day or week.
Call 843.466.0764 to craft your session time.
For Cheryl’s training and experience, please click here for curriculum vitae.

SoulCollaging® Workshop Studio at Nature's Way

Experiential Workshops with Cheryl

Workshops at Nature’s Way with Cheryl are primarily SoulCollage®, yet not limited this. SoulCollage® is a deep, gentle, engaging way of self discovery. In each workshop at least one 5” x 8” SoulCollage® is made. Then Cheryl facilitates a reading of your SoulCollage®. Through the images ‘you’ are revealed. Each workshop opens and closes in circle with a SoulCollage® alter in the center. To create an intimately compassionate experience, circles are limited to 15 people.
SoulCollage® Workshops range from 3 to 6 hours, SoulCollage® Retreats from 2 to 5 days. SoulCollage® workshops that are over three hours include multiple card creating and multiple card guided readings.
When overnight retreat is added to the workshop the cost is $75. per room per night.
CE’s available for all workshops. Click calendar for workshop dates and descriptions.

Experiential Classes with Cheryl

Cheryl teaching Studio at Nature's Way

The intention for each class is to cultivate your innate ability to connect with the energy that is the source of all life and observe transformation. All classes are a combination of practice and teachings. For an intimate experiential experience, classes are limited to 12 people. Cheryl also facilitates practice groups.
When overnight retreat is added to a class the cost is $75. per room per night.
CE’s available for all classes. Click calendar for class dates and descriptions.

All sessions, workshops and classes are held in the Studio at 18 McCalley Creek Lane, Seabrook, SC 29940



Please inquire • cheryl@cherylmansson.com • 843.466.0764 • 18 McCalley Creek Ln., Seabrook, SC 29940